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10 Self Published Science Fiction & Fantasy Authors Speak Out On Indie Publishing

Only a few years ago if your book was self published it usually meant that it was a piece of garbage. The last resort for authors who couldn't get accepted by the traditional publishing houses.

But the publishing landscape has completely changed now. The stigma of self publishing is gone and we're seeing more and more authors taking the indie publishing route.

Here, below, are quotes from each of 10 science fiction and fantasy authors who have tried self publishing and become huge successes and their thoughts on publishing independently.

Hugh Howey
"Wool" by Hugh Howey"There used to be a path that allowed authors to nurture themselves, to hone their craft, to make mistakes, to grow as writers, to establish a following and a backlist. That path has changed dramatically in the last five years. That path used to be querying agents. Today, the path is self-publishing. It’s the absolute best way these days for the vast majority of writers."
The New Top-Down Approach

Amanda Hocking
"My Blood Approves" by Amanda Hocking"Self-publishing is great, but it's not easy. Most people who do it will not get rich, just like most authors signed up at Scholastic books aren't billionaires.  Traditional publishers are not evil any more than Amazon or Barnes & Noble are evil. Things are changing, hopefully for the better, but it is still hard work being a writer."
Some Things That Need to Be Said

David Dalglish
"A Dance of Cloaks" by David Dalglish"Go into this with your eyes open. Find people who know what they’re talking about and listen to them. Find people who will read, edit, and review your work with actual teeth, not just kindly words. Whether traditional or self-publishing, expect to work your butt off, fail plenty, and often times look like an idiot. If you can endure that, then you might find some awesome moments along the way. Oh, and have fun."

From Pizza Hut To Easy Street: The David Dalglish Story

Anthony Ryan
"Blood Song" by Anthony Ryan"Deep down, you will know if the book you’ve written is ready for publication. Listen to that voice and don’t publish before you’re ready. Canvas second opinions from people you know will give you an honest critique and listen to what they tell you. If it’s not ready, don’t publish it. I’m eternally grateful for the fact that e-books came along after I’d gotten most of the dross out of my system, otherwise I might well have been tempted to publish it, with potentially ruinous results."
The Secret to E-book Self-Publishing Success

J.R. Rain
"Moon Dance" by J.R. Rain"I prefer to self publish. I love having total control over my books, from the original ideas, to the editing, to the cover design, to the formatting, to the release dates, and finally to the marketing. Plus, when I do it myself, I don’t have to deal with so many emails and conference calls!"
Interview With J.R. Rain, Author of Fantasy Thriller 'Moon River'

Zoe Winters
"Blood Lust" by Zoe Winters"Don’t get distracted by positive or negative opinions about you or your work. As soon as you start releasing stuff into the world everyone will have an opinion and will just assume that you want to hear it. Ignore."

IndieView: Zoe Winters, author of, “Blood Lust”

B.V. Larson
"Mech 1" by B. V. Larson "Logically, the most indispensable individual is the creator of the content in any industry. Authors are the factories, and therefore we are the one thing that can’t be eliminated. Who was that publisher who famously said: “This would be a great business if it weren’t for the authors”? Such attitudes must be rethought."
A Newbie's Guide to Publishing: Guest Post by B.V. Larson 

Michael G. Manning
"Mageborn: The Blacksmiths Son" by Michael G. Manning "I have read many masterpieces that didn’t interest me. If I had tried to write an opus or create something radically different I probably would not have enjoyed this much success. I was writing to please myself, and apparently that fits a fair sized demographic."
Indie Fantasy Authors to Watch: Michael G. Manning

J.L. Bryan
"Jenny Pox" by JL Bryan "The biggest issue is always quality. It takes years to develop your craft. If you're putting a book out independently, you are completely responsible for the quality and editing. A bad book isn't going to go far, because no will recommend it to their friends and it will just get bad reviews, or no reviews at all. So make sure the books you put out are professional quality."
Interview & Giveaway: J.L. Bryan, author of Jenny Pox!

Vaughn Heppner
"Star Soldier" by Vaughn Heppner "I’d like to suggest that this new era — of the E-Book Revolution — is going to be a golden age for novelists and readers alike. New York editors had their particular biases. I think we all do. Those editors chose storylines that they most enjoyed and they kept out those storylines that offended their particular biases. Now the game is wide open again, without the gatekeepers unconsciously or consciously throttling choice."
A Look behind Lod’s World, or How to Strike Gold 

Have you read any of these authors? Do you know of other successful SFFH indie authors? Give them a shout out in the comments.


  1. Interesting read Jim, Thanks. Nor familiar with any of them, will have to sample a few and see what I'm missing.

  2. Thanks Jim for sharing this information. Self publishing has finally grown out of its infancy, not only transiting into a viable avenue for the writer, but also maturing into a valuable resource for the consumer. I'll take a closer look at these authors and their works.


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